Infinity Model of the Universe(Part-4 Finale)

Last time we have discussed about flow of time and time waves.

In this post we will discuss Infinity Model of the universe.

If we assume that Time waves by using flow of time, can create the universe then we have to assume that this universe must be present in both direction of arrow of time, one is past to future and another is future to past. and I can’t tell in which we are now but at the end, they end up mixing with each other. so it doesn’t really matters cause past becomes future and future becomes the past.

Coming to Infinity Model every time wave generate infinity shaped universe.

Every part of time wave can be divided further and further there is no end. so to describe current universe first we have to assume that we are living with universe in which things are going in different(opposite) direction.

And what i mean by not of a single universe is, opposite in every moment(how to define a moment?).

Summery/Conclusion- we have to think time as a fundamental building block of universe and with the concept of time waves it may be possible to prove mathematically rather than just giving some philosophical idea’s about time waves. for that we need groundbreaking research in flow of time.

Points for further Investigation:

if we are able to prove there is a universe exist in which arrow of time has opposite direction than our universe than it will be possible to prove that there is parallel universe for every moment(Inspired by many world interpretation) and every parallel universe has it’s own opposite universe with it.

Q Does that mean our destiny is already been decided?

Ans- Maybe! or Maybe not!(look time waves are creating universe every moment so i think our universe may be entering to newly created universe)

Q Can we meet with our opposite universe?

Ans Technically yes! at the centre point(when universe started and ended together also there were no time so (no when) ) but you will not realise the beginning!

Q what is moment?

Ans- That distance in which a time wave returns from where it started.

Q what i mean by distance?

Ans- the path covered by time waves(free from space)

Q how can you measure something without space?

Ans if until now you don’t understand than this theory is not for you!. Leave this to me and Enjoy your f**ing life dear!

Infinity model of the Universe(Part -3 Flow of Time/Time Waves)

After discussing theories about creation of universe now we will discuss some of the philosophical Ideas to build your conceptual understanding.

Arrow of time or Flow of time can be described as how we transit from past to future as time only flows past to future(really?). it’s direction is always towards future.

But Einstein said there is no past, present or future all we see is just illusion of arrow of time.

Surely we can’t describe difference between past and future if we don’t have memories of past. but that’s another day’s discussion.

Present is a moment in which we leave the past and enters into the future. so no specific present exist.

Back to flow of time, if we break the reality into pieces what we find is just frames of reality(if reality is real!).

So how flow of time connects all these frames.

Q Does flow of time existed before time actually existed?

Ans-To answer this question first we have to understand what we mean by flow of time. Is it just the way past is connected to future or does it actually define the of time.

If we wanna describe flow of time is more than a connector of past and present. than somehow it must define origin of time and work as arrow of time.

Let’s discuss one of my ideas.

so time should generates itself and loops back to from where it started.

it will be possible only flow of time or Time Waves when loops back they expand more and more so Another universe(frame) connects with it.

Q Does flow of time existed before time started flowing(arrow of time)

Ans- Not Flow of time but Time Waves since Flow of time was/is generated by time waves.

Q- How Time waves generated flow of time ?

Ans- suppose how time started if we assume that first time waves started to generates and after a certain threshold they started to loops back on centre(there is no centre just goes to where it comes from).then it is understandable that it can cause the arrow of time.

Q Does time waves also created the universe/multiverse?

Ans- Time Waves creates the singularity and also it start the arrow of time after certain threshold of time waves.

So for your memories time waves are responsible.

Q Does time waves started from nothing?

Ans- well Big bang can, then why my Time Waves can’t?

All started from nothing and will end up in nothing(Do we even really exist?)


Infinity Model of the Universe(Part 2 -Different Opinions)

Last time we discussed most believed theory of creation of the universe. Although A vast majority of physicist agree with it but still some don’t!

There are plenty of theories out there (So i wanna put my own also!)

other than big bang , there are

(1) big bounce- Universe repeats in cycles,No one knows how it started but one universe ends in it creates a singularity and that singularity leads to creation of another universe. some argued about the entropy rule and thermodynamics. so according to this theory next born universe will be small.

Q/Drawbacks- How first universe was born?

Ans we don’t know

(2) Big Freeze- Universe will lost all of it’s energy and after that it collapse many times but it will continue to exist for a long long time. it obeys the principle of entropy.

(3) String theory- this theory is result of mathematical formulation and higher dimensional space. so string theory suggest that our universe have 10 dimensions. and what we see as the universe it the result of collision of two spaces with each other then it converted to 4 dimensional space.

I am not discussing any maths behind these theories. if you wanna learn more you can search on internet or watch youtube.


Infinity Model of the Universe(Part 1-History of the Universe)

welcome back to this bizarre universe. All arguments will be made on philosophical perspective. so don’t blame me.but ya i know history a little bit.


so far what we know about the universe is this.

universe was just started to exist almost 14 billions year ago. Most approved theory according to physicists is Big Bang.

According to Big Bang almost 14 billion years ago suddenly there was infinite dense cosmos egg started to expand in a process called Inflation (By Alan Guth). Now lets clear some concepts cosmos egg is just a name because it generated the universe, lets assume it was infinite hot, dense and small(more than planck length). Inflation was the process in which universe expanded in itself, cause there was nothing to expand in.

Some Question

1 what was before 14 billion years ago?

Ans- “Nothing! Maybe that was the time when universe started” Stephen Hawking said(Maybe there was something)

2 How time get started?

“It’s just started! we don’t ask what is the north of north pole” again Stephen(Maybe time is endless don’t worry we will discuss flow of time in detail)